Why these study sites?

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Our five central study sites represent a sequence of decreasing availability of mineral bound P in the mineral topsoil horizons. If our general hypothesis was true, the P cycling efficiency should increase along this sequence. Stand age (80-120a) and tree composition (European beech, Norway spruce) at these sites are similar. The C/P ratios of the forest floor range from 230 – 790. The soils of our study sites are equivalent to a soil chronosequence on silicate material.

All our selected sites are Level II sites (monitoring programme ICP Forests for comprehensive information on forest condition in Europe), which run since about 15 years and are operated by federal forest institutions. Basic characteristics of soils and stands, tree growth analyses, climate data, and flux data of major cations and anions collected since site installation are accessible. Supplementary data on P dynamics is provided by different SPP projects.

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